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 Famous "Real-Life Locations Where Game of Thrones Was Filmed"

By Neha

April 07, 2023

King's Landing

King's Landing is the capital, and largest city, of the Six Kingdoms. King's Landing had Iron Throne and the Red Keep. The filming of the King landing took place in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Dubrovnik is a city in southern Croatia in Balkans. The city have a rich history and culture with uncredable architecture, and landscapes. 

Castle Black

Castle Black is the headquarters of Night's Watch. The filming of the Castle Black took place in Magheramorne Quarry in Northern Ireland.

Magheramorne Quarry in Northern Ireland

Magheramorne is a hamlet in County Antrim, Northern Ireland and Magheramorne. Scenes of Castle Black were filmed here.


Winterfell is the capital of the North Kingdoms and the ancestral home of the royal House Stark.

Castle Ward and Doune Castle

Doune Castle is in Castle Hill, Doune FK16 6EA, United Kingdom. The filming of the Winterfell took place in Castle Ward.

Dothraki Sea

The Dothraki Sea is a region on the continent of Essos, thousands of miles to the east of Westeros and ruled by khal who is a Dothraki warlord.

The Glens of Antrim well known as The Glens is a region of County Antrim, Northern Ireland. The filming of Dothraki Sea took place here 

Glens Of Antrim, Northern Ireland

Iron Island

The Iron Islands is one of the nine constituent regions of Westeros and all the nine are ruled from the castle of Pyke by House Greyjoy.

Murlough Bay, Northern Ireland

Murlough Bay is a bay on the north coast of Northern Ireland between Fair Head and Torr Head.


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The Stormlands is one of the nine constituent regions of the Seven Kingdoms. Sir Davos Seaworth and Lady Melisandre landed and she gave birth to a terrifying shadow baby.

Cushendun Caves, Northern Ireland

The filming of Stormlands took place in Cushendun Caves, Northern Ireland. The Cushendun Caves are located in County Antrim in Northern Ireland.


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Pentos is a Free Cities on the western coastline of Essos, across the Narrow Sea from Westeros. The filming of the city took place in Ouarzazate, Morocco.

Ouarzazate also well known as the door of the desert, is a city and capital of Ouarzazate. The beautiful city is one of the most interesting places to visit in Morocco.

Ouarzazate, Morocco