Experience the Best of Oman: Daymaniyat Island's Top Attractions

By Neha 

The Daymaniyat Islands are one of the most surprising parts of a trip to Muscat, Oman. Made up of nine small islands and is a natural preserve and protected by a marine reserve.

Daymaniyat Island is located around 18 kilometers off the coast of Barka, north of Muscat and it takes us around 40 to 45 minutes to reach the Nature Reserve by boat.

Daymaniyat Island is a tourist hotspot and is also often called “the Jewel of the Middle East” The area is surrounded by turquoise waters and stunning coral reefs.

Well, there are many reasons To Visit Daymaniyat Island but let's see some of the interesting reasons which will force you to visit this beautiful Island.

Damaniyat Island is a UNESCO-protected natural reserve. The island is home to endangered sea turtles, untouched coral reefs, and exotic fish.

If you love watching sea creatures closely then This place is perfect for Snorkelling. The area is surrounded by turquoise waters.

The Island is Home to some of the prettiest beaches in Oman. The island is covered with white sand and the crashing waves on the shores.

But make sure don't visit the island during the months of May to the end of October, no one is allowed to enter the island because it’s an important nesting site for turtles.

At Daymaniyat Island we have more than 12 dive sites and a lot to see and discover for you and island is uninhabited which makes it a great getaway from the chaos of city life.